To help keep up with the needs of our membership, we have decided to identify a new web solution that will allow for a more comprehensive suite of tools, e.g., integrated stripe payment forms, DISQUS commenting, MailChimp integration and mobile responsiveness. 

We have also secured a domain URL that we feel is more appropriate considering our existing social media handles, 

Before we promote the new website on public channels, we wanted to get your feedback first. There's no point in promoting a new site if our members do not find it appropriate or valuable in their efforts to advance soccer culture within Oklahoma City. 

Click around, sign up for the newsletter, leave a comment, and recommend a new chant. 

Please carefully review the 'Chants' and 'Partners' pages. If you know of any businesses that have contributed goods or services to The Grid in the past, or are committed to in the future, I want to make sure that we recognize them. If you think a listed chant is obsolete or not relevant, leave a suggestion and we'll get with Tyler and Daniel to discuss. Lastly, feel free to suggest new chants or document chants we sing that are not listed. 

For the specific exercise of collecting feedback on the website, we've purposely emptied the shop of items, unlisted the organizational bylaws and limited information concerning new member registration. If feedback regarding the website is good in the coming days, we'll use the website to introduce organizational documents, 2016 season ticket information, official The Grid merchandise, new membership benefits, and and other information to support the November Annual Membership Meeting where (when) elections will be held. 

We're excited for the potential of this new website. The back-end content management system makes it very easy for directors, committee members and contributors to provide timely, relevant content. The commenting tools and forms also make it easier for members' voices to be heard. We're confident that the website can help advance our purpose, attract new members and ultimately provide more enjoyment to our membership. We hope that you enjoy it as well. 


The Grid Officers