What is the grid? 

The Grid is an independent supporter group of OKC Energy FC and is a tax exempt organization run by volunteers through an elected board of directors and organized committees. The Grid is classified as a 501(c)(7) social club and is organized to provide benefit to our members and enhance the enjoyment of supporting and cheering on the OKC Energy wherever they play. 

Why should I join?

The reasons are too many to list. Let's ignore all of the individual member benefits for this conversation, ok?

The most important reason is to show your support for our players and coaches. Every player on roster will tell you that having a large and rowdy supporter section helps them win games - period. Do not let yourself believe that your cheering does not have a positive impact on the game. Force in numbers. We need you. 

The second most important reason is to prove all of the doubters wrong -- all of the naysayers who claimed that soccer would never grow in Oklahoma and who said that the idea of a soccer specific stadium downtown was a pipe dream. This is the attitude of your grandma's Oklahoma, not yours or your children's. Help advance our city and contribute to the quality of life it can offer. 

Lastly, your involvement and loyalty helps The Grid achieve its ultimate mission -- to grow and support a unique brand of soccer culture that matches the values, attributes and cultural makeup of our city. In order to satisfy this responsibility we need members who can contribute different experiences, perspectives, traditions, and skill-sets. Join our ranks. Share ownership of this amazing opportunity (and responsibility). 

Where does the money go?

Since we’re an organization managed by volunteers, you can be assured that all the money collected goes to where it’s needed most. Some of it goes to cover the costs of your membership benefits, such as member meetings and member gifts; however, most of it goes towards the things we need to be a successful supporter group – tifo supplies, flags, tents, smoke bombs, road trips, etc. We also make donations to local charities, from time to time, as part of our mission. 

How can I pay for my membership?

We accept credit/debit card payments online on our website. Another method is to pay in cash at an event or tailgate. 

How long will it take for my membership card and gift to arrive?

To reduce costs to you and the burdens placed on our volunteers, we have decided not to mail membership cards, gifts or merchandise. All items can be picked up at our scheduled meetings, trips and tailgates. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@thegridokc), or check the website periodically, to learn about the next scheduled event. If you would like to pick up the items yourself, before a scheduled event, please send an email to info@thegridokc.org. If you require shipping, we may ask for you to pay additional charges. 

Is there a minimum age to sit in the supporter section?

There is no minimum age, however, some of our chants and songs include language not appropriate for children to repeat. 

Can you get OKC Energy fc tickets through The grid?

Yes. The front office has allowed The Grid to sell tickets in the official The Grid supporter section. in order to purchase tickets online you must be a current member of The Grid. All tickets purchased will be prepared for pickup at The Grid's will-call booth. All tickets not picked up at least 45 minutes before the match will be moved to the official Energy FC will-call booth located at the east-side ticket office of Taft Stadium. 

How do I get involved?

Reach out. Send an email. Attend an event. Tweet at us. We need all the help we can get.

Someone will probably buy you a beer if you have ideas to share...