• Skinny Slim's Bricktown (map)
  • 201 East Main Street
  • Oklahoma City, OK, 73104
  • United States

Clear your calendars. It's going down on December 6th. Come spend the afternoon at Skinny Slim's and hang with The Grid. 

Here's what we know will be going down: 

  • MLS Championship Game on the TVs (3:00 - 5:00 pm)

  • Two Free Drink Tickets per Registered Guest (Anthem Upper 90 Draft Beer)

  • Membership Vote - How to Spend Playoff Ticket Sales Earnings (re: 2016)

  • Membership Vote - Directors' Elections (Contested Positions, If Any)

  • Special Guest - Energy FC Head Coach, Jimmy Nielsen

  • Special Guest - Energy FC Assistant Coach, James Ritchie

  • Special Guest - Energy FC General Manager, Jason Hawkins

  • Special Guest - Energy FC Goalie, Ray Clark

  • Plus many more, to be confirmed, Energy FC player appearances

Jason Hawkins has agreed to hold a 'Tell All' Q&A session at 2:00 pm to address questions about the past 2015 season. We'll be posting an online question submission form for you to provide your questions in advance so that Jason can be prepared to cover as much material as possible within 30 minutes. The Grid's President, Joe Pugh with moderate the Q&A session. 

Dress for cold weather -- this party will spill out into the streets. 

We will be promoting the 2016 membership due ($20), as well as the 2016 season ticket membership kit ($!50). If you've been holding out, Dec. 6th is a great day to purchase your membership and/or season ticket. Coach Nielsen and Co. will be their to thank you personally for your continued support of Energy FC and Oklahoma City's growing soccer supporter community. 

We'd like to thank Patrick and Ben at Anthem Brewing for helping us arrange for Upper 90 to be on tap at Skinny Slim's the day of the party. Without them, we would not be able to afford the ability to offer two free drink tickets to all guests who register at the door.